Sign up to learn more about the campaign.


Sign up to learn more about the campaign.

About Us.

#Day1 is an innovative campaign that's rooted in research to help stop bullying before it starts. Learn more here.


What #Day1 does.

  • A person in authority leading the pledge

  • Clearly stating behavior expectations and responsibilities

  • Addressing the issue early (on Day 1)

  • Getting verbal confirmation back



#Day1 has worked with many organizations and celebrities sharing how we can end bullying!


The Day 1 experience exists both in-person and online. The official script will be available for download by registering to participate – registrations allow us to track participation around the country (and the world).

Download this free two page hand out with more information about the Day 1 Campaign: how it works, how it will help your school and how you can get in touch with us to share your Day 1 Stories!
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